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Nuts, Lentils and Roquefort Biscuits with a Silken Tofu and Nuts Sauce

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To my good friend Stèph ;)

Here is a recipe that I had already tried with my kitchen-mate Stéphanie. 

When I was living in Barcelona, we used to meet once or twice a month to have a cooking day: we would prepare recipes that caught our attention. And after a long day elaborating a menu, we would eat everything! such good memories, enjoyable moments. 
These recipe is from lovely Cléa's book: “Croquez salé".

Those biscuits are delicious, the lentils and nuts are softly crunchy on the tooth, then comes the roquefort strong but  delicate. We enjoyed so much discovering the recipe and eat the biscuits!
I am cooking these biscuits again as I take part in a contest Las Nueces de California, I have to propose a Christmas appetiser or a starter made with nuts (the winner gets a Kitchenaid !!!Oh yes!)
In order to look like an appetiser I decided to present the biscuits with a creamy sauce made with silken tofu...and nuts! Of course! This sauce is really tasty, it's pure pleasure and it's also so simple to prepare! It matches perfectly with the biscuits, but you could also serve it with many other things, with some vegetable dips for example. Yum!

For the biscuits (around 20):
60 gr of nuts

60 gr of flour

50 gr of green lentils flour (if you can't find the flour just make it yourself from whole lentils using a grinder, if you can't find green lentils just use normal ones. That's what I did actually, here in Spain they've never seen a green lentil...) 
100 gr of Roquefort cheese

Pre-heat the oven on 180°C. Put the nuts in the oven 4-5 minutes in order to roast them. (you can use a pan as well). Crush them finally. Add the two flours and mix thoroughly. Blend in the crumbled up cheese. Carry on mixing so to obtain a kind of homogeneous mixture. Add a little water to make a ball.  
Spread the doe on 3-5 mm and cut with a cookie cutter or simply with a knife. 
Place in the baking tray on a baking paper, cook for 12 to 15 minutes until golden brown. Let them cool on a rack.

For the sauce (Fingers in the nose!):
75g of nuts
100g of silken tofu (it's softer than the tofu we all know, it's a great product, a good substitute for butter, cream, cheese etc..).
A pinch of salt (if you have some "interesting" salt such as pink salt from Himalaya or black's even better!) 
The day before soak the nuts in water in order to rehydrate them.
The day after, drain them and mix them with the tofu and the salt. Ready!

Dollop on a biscuit and straight to your mouth! Enjoy!!!!  

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