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Home Made Rocket & Nuts Pesto

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There we are! The first post of my whole life! How exciting! We're gonna have a simple start with a quick and simple recipe but always nice to spread on your spaghetti! :) With this blog I'll try to share with you what comes out of my small kitchen.

I'm quite privileged to have a small kitchen garden from which I get my rocket. Its flavour is quite strong and a bit bitter, but that's how I like it! 
I spread it on a recently baked pizza, mixed with a salad to give it more strength or I make some pesto!

Homemade Rocket Pesto

Serve 4:
60 g fresh rocket
50 g walnuts and nuts 

20 g parmesan
50 g olive oil
1 tablespoon lemon juice

Wash and drain the rocket. Mix all the ingredients together, you'll get a non homogeneous green paste. When serving with pasta, we mix the pesto with a little bit of the water we used to cooked the pasta. Serve and eat without waiting!
The pesto can be kept 2-3 days in the fridge, not more. Very suitable for freezing.

Recipe inspired by Cléa

Bon appétit!

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