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Poached Pears wrapped in puff pastry

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A quick post with pictures made on the moment about a dessert that caught my attention a few days ago (at Food Art).
It looked very pretty, yummy and easy to make. A classy version of the poached pear!

I prepared the pears the day before, they spent the night in the fridge and today I "dressed them up" with puff pastry.  
It's a really nice presentation, ideal for a Valentin's dessert (with a scoop of vanilla icecream on the side...even better no?!)    

I wanted to follow this recipe but I have to say that I did it my own way :)

Serving 4:
4 pears (not too ripe, not too hard)
1L water
250g sugar
5 cardamom pods (cut in half)
1 stick cinamon 
1 vanilla bean (cut in half)
1 roll of puff pastry 

For the syrup you could use sweet wine, lemon etc...whatever taste good to you. 

In a large pan pour the water, add the sugar, the cardamom, vanilla and the cinamon.  
Bring to the boil. 
Meanwhile, peal the pears and cut the base so they can stand straight. 
When the liquid is boiling plunge the pears and cook them on medium heat (water needs to simmer) until you can pearce them with a nice easily.

When ready, get them out of the pan and let them cool on a plate. Reserve the syrup.

Preheat the oven at 200ºC.

I think you can definitely stick the puff pastry to the pear straight afetr they've coolen down, in my case I did it the day after when they were cold from the fridge. 

So, once cool, cut some strips out of the puff pastry roll and apply on the pear wrapping and sticking them well tied up one against the other. (otherwise you'll have the same result as on the picture, you'll have some gaps between the strips.)

Place in an oven dish and cook for 15-20mn until golden brown. 

When I took them out of the oven I moisten them with some syrup.  
Serve not too warm with a nice icecream scoop! 

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